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Welcome Mama,

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, outraged and just plain confused with everything going on in the world? It's been a whirlwind around us for years and it’s not about to stop… in fact, things are just beginning to intensify. It’s so important for us all to understand how we arrived here… to insure we make different decisions to step out of the Matrix and build a new resilient model. 

Meet Imani

Revolutionary change maker, truth teller and

fierce mama bear inviting all of us, whether we

have children or not, to tap into our protective

and nurturing mother energy. Imani is creating

the space for us all to thrive on this planet as sovereign beings.

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My Passion Projects


Haven Village is an emerging model for those looking to return to the land. We are a private residential project that is located in East Tennessee at

the foothills of the Cherokee

National Forest.


Located at Haven Village, the Haven Earth Trade School serves as the education and economic engine that will build the Healthy Hemp Homes for our residential members.


Imani Mamalution and Paul River Richardson met in the Fall of 2020 through the online Brave New Life Conversations that syntropically emerged at this revolutionary time. 


In her revolutionary book, 

The Absence/Presence of Soil,  Imani connects the dots and deconstructs the modern day mind washing,. 

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.

I am changing the things I cannot accept.” - Angela Davis

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