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My Passion Projects



Haven Village is an emerging model for those looking to return to the land. We are a private residential project located in East Tennessee at the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest.

Built on principles of mutual respect, support, and a deep connection to the land, our residents and members are committed to harmonious coexistence with nature and one another. Together we are building a parallel society that will

not only assist us during these times of transition, but also

serve as a beacon of hope for future generations.



Located at Haven Village, the Haven Earth Trade School serves as the education and economic engine that will build the Healthy Hemp Homes for our residential members. We foster education, innovation, and resiliency through teaching natural building, real skills and homesteading.



I met Paul River Richardson in the Fall of 2020 through the online Brave New Life Conversations that syntropically emerged at this revolutionary time. Our shared mission for a new way of navigating back to Nature, growing local economy and building a template for the future timeline has connected many people around the world. River and I realized that our individual journeys and the synchronicity of our union amplified our shared visions and what  we are capable of accomplishing together. In June 2021 we set up our Ministry of Nature and PMA and began actively looking for land with our members, which we successfully secured. 



In an attempt to deconstruct the modern day mind washing, I've spent years researching and connecting the dots while raising my six children. My revelations are shared in my book, The Absence/Presence of Soil. I've provided  a timeline outlining the complexity behind the events that led us to where we are today and action steps to stop participating in our own enslavement.



The birth of my first daughter, at home, in 1993 activated this passion in me for how souls are consciously conceived and received earthside, and the rites of passage experienced during Motherhood. I was heavily inspired by my mentor, a midwife and fellow yogini, Jeannine Parvati Baker. She coined the term “freebirth” and was the inspiration behind this series of chants recorded during my childrearing years. My legacy continues through my daughters, and with the birth of my first granddaughter in February 2024.



Join me and some of the most brilliant minds on the forefront of telling truth in this critical time for candid conversations.  Listen as we discuss and explore the permeating narratives that have led us to this point.

“There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing...

when we save our children, we save ourselves.” - Margaret Mead 

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